Whitsundays Photo Tour

“Pack up your camera and go where you’d rather be!”

Whitsundays! There’s visiting a beautiful place… and then there’s visiting a beautiful place for the very first time. Inhaling the very essence of what that place is at its core. Marvelling at the unique features that make it what it is, in a way you’ll never do it in quite that same way again. It’s an experience for all of the five senses to be sure. Let the white pure silica sand caress your toes gently as you gaze across the deserted and endless beach with your camera. Admire, be mesmerised and capture the untouched beauty and magical curls of pristine and the white sea foam. Reconnect with mother nature and let the sounds of splashing waves and seagulls inspire you. Relax, breath, feel the salty breeze and have a taste of that jewel-like water. Are you ready to feast your eyes on the silky-smooth waters teeming with flora of glorious colours and elegant sea creatures gliding gracefully through the porous reef.

This is Whitsunday Islands Paradise Photo Tour, a tour we designed to create the perfect setting for you to bring home not only a peaceful and relaxed mind but also inspiring images.

If you were here, would you want to be anywhere else? Register now, places are strictly limited.


Whitsundays – Australia

Date TBA – Date TBA

4 Gorgeous Days, 3 Amazing Nights

Full Price $1495 USD

Balance Due 60 days from Departure

Deposit: $299 USD

Initial Deposit Due at time of Booking

Whitsunday Highlights

Whitsundays Photo Tour Workshop

Hill Inlet

Hamilton Island Photo Tour Workshop

Hamilton Island

Whitehaven Beach Photo Tour Workshop

Whitehaven Beach

Exploring the Whitsunday Islands located in the heart of endangered Great Barrier Reef is certainly one of the most magical destinations one can cross off “THE” bucket list, it’s also the closest thing comparable to paradise. From day one, you will be staying on one of the most prestigious islands, Hamilton Island, a privately owned but publicly enjoyed getaway for those seeking luxury amidst isolation. You will escape to Whitehaven Beach, an island paradise of unrivalled beauty, or a “Slice of Paradise” as we like to call it. With the white silica sand encased in glistening azure water and endless cobalt blue sky, this destination is a coveted Australian jewel.  Standing upon the uneven earth of One Tree Hill, you will enjoy the view (and some drinks) overlooking the smooth curve of Catseye Beach.

The full itinerary will be sent to you once the booking is confirmed. However, you can already count these highlights spots on the list of places we’ll take you to (subject to weather conditions).

The essence of our Photo Tours is to ensure all attendees have a wonderful time and are able to produce great images. Therefore, we tend to limit the workshops to 6 attendees for an optimum instructor-to-attendee ratio and an intimate experience for everyone. That being said, there’s no minimum number of attendees and our photography workshops will still run regardless of the size.