Peter Lik’s photography is well-known for its landscapes, saturation and process that combines to create the ‘Peter Lik’ style. Destin Sparks is a fellow Australian landscape photographer who uses similar methods to Lik, but adds his technique and artistry to create images that speak vividly.

Find out how Peter Lik vs Destin Sparks, and what exactly the new take on the Peter Lik style is.

Whispers - Destin Sparks

Photographic Beginnings

There are many similarities between the two photographers. They’re both: Australians, self-taught, and love shooting landscapes with Medium Format Cameras. They’ve even both captured the untamed beauty of unusual spots in Australia and the States.

They’re also very accomplished; Peter Lik’s fine art photography has awarded him with Masters of Photography honors, while Destin Sparks already has more than 70 awards and accolades for his natural landscape photography.

Sweeping Sands

Sweeping Sands – Destin Sparks

Landscape Photography Approach

Destin Sparks approaches his photos with determination and patience. He has to. The skill, lighting and composition required for the photographic process he uses don’t allow for leeway. He doesn’t use any