Mount Cook National Park, Canterbury, South Island – New Zealand

There is something truly beautiful and poignant about seeing a transition in action and this is never more apparent than it is in nature. For instance, dawn and twilight are among the most beloved times of day for a reason. When the sun is in the process of rising or setting, everything feels different somehow – filled with possibility that isn’t necessarily limited to what’s real or logical. Colors change, and temperatures shift in a way that can feel quite surreal. The transitional periods between seasons can have a similar effect on the psyche if you’re lucky enough to catch them in action.

Bueno was captured at New Zealand’s Mt. Cook National Park on a calm autumn day at dawn. The seasons were at the point where they were just beginning to change and something in the air told me that the sprawling mountains in the distance knew it too. The very skies themselves were grey and pregnant with the promise of rougher weather to come. As the heaviness of approaching change hung like a strange canopy overhead, a layer of thick mist began to unfurl itself across the floor of the valley. It was feathery, cold, and quite substantial – almost like a living thing in and of itself.

As I stood there watching, the mist continued to spread. Moist, white tendrils of moisture curled languidly around the base of each distant mountain, hanging heavy and low. The effect was positively magical and made the mountain range in the distance look almost exactly like a giant chocolate bar (hence the name Bueno). Directly ahead of me, the dry, grassy plain sprawled lazy and flat. Short, dark scrub bushes peppered it liberally and for just a moment, I had the impression that they were watching this transition as well.


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