While it’s no doubt a wonderful experience to give a very important someone in your life a gift that’s absolutely perfect for them, deciding what to get can be more than a little stressful. You want them to truly like what they receive and be able to use it. However, you don’t want to risk missing the mark.

The gift buying process can be even more confusing if you’re shopping for a dedicated landscape photographer. You may well want to get them a photography related gift, but also have no real idea what would be a good fit. The following are just a few suggestions that think past the more obvious choices like “new camera bag” and “extra film”.

  1. Really Good Rain Gear

A landscape photographer’s craft often takes him well off the beaten trail. It also finds him out and about when weather conditions may be less than ideal. I can definitely promise you that every landscape photographer has found himself caught in the rain at least a couple of times.

That said, rain gear is an excellent gift for such a person. Not only will it help the photographer in your life stay dry, but it will help protect them from the wind as well. A few packs of camera rain covers are also an excellent idea.

  1. Updated Editing Software

The great majority of today’s landscape photographers rely on post editing software to retouch and color correct their photos. However, not all of us are as good about keeping up to date as we should. If you know a landscape photographer that hasn’t upgraded his in a while and you feel like making a bit of an investment in their gift, new editing software is a great idea.

Don’t be afraid to pick their brain a little before you shop to see if they’ve been drooling over anything specific.

  1. National Park Pass

If the landscape photographer in your life happens to live near one or more national parks, then an annual pass might be a possible option. Not having to pay an entrance fee every single time they want to get in a few shots of their favorite locations will be much appreciated.

If the person has any favorite parks that they absolutely love, a coffee table book or video set of that park would make a nice side gift, should you feel that just the pass alone isn’t big enough or impressive enough by itself.

  1. Backup Drives

Every photographer sleeps a little better at night knowing that he has a way to back up his best shots and most important shoots. He may have periods during which he’ll be away from his computer for long periods at a time, so a good portable backup drive is a great pick. It can go wherever he goes so he’ll never be without a way to protect his work.

Of course, these are just a few of the many ideas out there. Every photographer is different and is likely to appreciate different things. Just be creative and personal!