Point Lookout, North Stradbroke Island, Queensland – Australia

An afternoon at North Stradbroke Island’s magical Point Lookout brought me face to face with these regal and majestic sentinels. They populated one portion of a small clearing in what was a lush and very dense coastal jungle. They were more than just strong, steadfast trees that were beautiful and noteworthy for their qualities as such. In that magical moment on that unforgettable afternoon, they were also members of a sentient army – guardians of that beautiful, life-filled place.

One tree stands at the center of the group, clearly exuding an air of leadership, regality, and pomp. This being is the king to which the other entities in the group bow and pay homage. The glade itself is their meeting place. I found myself wondering what they were conversing about and planning for in their private language – a war, a revolution, or maybe just a celebration. Flourished is a record of my moment as a silent witness… a moment spent as a curious and fascinated member of a foreign court.


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