The Pinnacles, Nambung National Park, Western Australia – Australia

We think we know the world we live in. Then we visit a location defined by a different terrain or climate than we may be used to. It’s then that we realize how many different worlds there really are here on our beautiful planet Earth. The desert terrain of The Pinnacles in Western Australia’s Nambung National Park delivers just such an experience.

This shot was born on a late afternoon in winter. The sun was just beginning to move toward the horizon, highlighting the vast colony of strange and wonderful pinnacle formations punctuating the landscape. Each formation was accented by a velvety shadow, reaching lazily across the clay. Nestled within their numbers was a lone tree, branches spindly as spider legs. It was one of only a few to be found at this particular location. A lone piece of the desert puzzle like myself – different from the other entities to be found in this environment, yet somehow you also got the impression that it was exactly where it was meant to be.


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