Uralla, New England Tablelands, New South Wales – Australia

Solitude depicts the timeless beauty of Uralla’s ethereal Gostwyck Chapel on a perfectly crisp autumn day just after sunrise. As the warm rays of the sun spilled over the horizon, the ubiquitous greys and charcoals of pre-dawn slowly gave way to the brilliance of Autumn in all its glory.

Salty golds, rich garnets, and every shade in between slowly made their presence known as the rising sun kissed the branches of the nearby elms, as well as the Virginia creepers that enveloped the chapel itself in a leafy embrace. The stonework of the chapel itself positively glowed as it came to life for the day on that chilly morning… breathtaking and moving.

It was like watching a painter at work on the finest of canvases – every detail flawless in an atmosphere that was perfectly still and pristine. That day a perfect morning was born that will never be repeated and I was lucky enough to be a witness to it.


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