Glasshouse Mountains, Sunshine Coast, Queensland – Australia

The Glasshouse Mountains of Australia are a series of thirteen hills situated on the Sunshine Coast of Queensland. The abrupt nature of their very presence in this spot is the result of long ceased volcanic activity. They are relics of a much more turbulent period many years in the past at this point. Within the fertile hollows and dips of their majestic curves dwells a gorgeous natural playground designed with avid nature lovers in mind. Think incredible lookouts, long meandering trails, and unique little havens to explore! No one that comes to the Glasshouse Mountains leaves without a renewed sense of respect and awe for everything that makes nature wonderful and that’s as it should be.

‘Colonia de Cobre’ was captured at sunset during a recent visit to The Glasshouse Mountains and the surrounding areas. This stunning expanse of land has a sprawling, echoing feel to it even when the sun is high in the sky and every nook illuminated. It’s so peaceful, quiet, and large, you can’t help but be reminded that while the world may feel small at times, it’s actually quite large in a way that’s as spiritual as it is physical. Here at sunset, that sense of largeness seemed strangely magnified. The lower the sun sank in the sky, the more I felt I was looking at a world all its own – a colony made of copper, perhaps.

What I was seeing were the volcanic remnants of the Glasshouse Mountains reclining in the distant shadows, of course. However, from where I sat, they didn’t look particularly imposing. They looked more like anthills than anything else or perhaps the spires of a distant alien city. I sat and watched the sun continue to sink, bathing the landscape around me in rich shades of chocolate, mauve, and russet, dreaming of what such a city might hold within its walls.


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