Picnic Falls, Kondalilla National Park, Queensland – Australia

Natural areas are truly incredible for the way they can be familiar and brand new all at once. Something as small as a change in the weather or a shift in the way the light is filtering through the trees on a given day can be all it takes to help you see a place with fresh eyes. Suddenly, you’re marveling at it all over again.

Eden was taken on a mild winter’s day on the way to Kondalilla Falls, a place where locals and tourists alike gather to swim and unwind. For me, the path to the falls has always been one of the most enjoyable parts of a visit to this spot and this day was no exception. Recent rainfall and unseasonal clouds had transformed the path into something reminiscent of a fairytale glen. The emerald greens and rich browns around me were so bright and alive that day, I almost felt as if I could taste them.


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