Falls Creek, Fiordland National Park, Southland – New Zealand

If there’s one thing that never fails to astonish in regards to Mother Nature, it’s the indescribable beauty of the color palettes one encounters when exploring a given area. It’s not just the individual hues that impress either. It’s also the way they go together absolutely perfectly. Proof positive that nature really is the ultimate masterpiece, as well as the purest source of inspiration. Some sites can’t be described as anything less than magical thanks to this phenomenon.

This winter shot of New Zealand’s beautiful Falls Creek at Fiordland National Park is a perfect example. The colors are what stood out the most about this peaceful mountain cascade, hidden just off the beaten trail on the way to iconic Milford Sound. The sharp cobalt blue of the water seemed to vibrate with energy as the waters made their way down the mountain face to the limpid lagoon below. The soft, velvety emerald of the moss and foliage served as the perfect backdrop and finishing touch to the scene.


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