Bridestowe Lavender Estate, Tasmania – Australia

A perfect summer sunrise at a lavender farm presents an interesting dilemma. As the sun peaks over the horizon and sets the sky ablaze in a rich wash of stunning colors, you’re completely unable to determine which is the more perfect shade of purple – the periwinkle of the sky or the dusty lavender of the blooms around you. Then there’s the scent that surrounds you, fragrant and lovely as the sun gradually warms the air.

Fragrance was captured at sunrise on New Year’s Day in Bridestowe Lavender Estate’s legendary lavender fields. The beautifully cultivated lavender plants curled over the hills in flawless rows as the sky above came to life in a wash of delicate watercolor. Soft, dusty lilacs met rosy pinks as the sun rose ever higher in the sky. The rolling hills on the horizon lent balance to the scene – the ideal start to a new and beautiful year.


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