Moraine Lake, Banff, Alberta – Canada

There’s no air in the world like mountain air, especially first thing in the morning. In fact, the only thing fresher, cleaner, and crisper than the fresh air at Banff National Park is the glacier-fed water of lovely Moraine Lake. Those waters are at their best and most impressive in the summers, as that’s when the lake is fullest, turning a gorgeous shade of robin’s egg blue that you’ll never forget if you’re ever lucky enough to see it with your own eyes.

Moraine Lake was captured early in the morning on a summer day, so those waters were as crystal-blue and picture perfect as ever, rivaling the azure of the sky itself. The day was still and the weather was perfect. Not a single ripple disturbed the surface of the lake or the flawless reflection on its glass-like surface. Host of stately green firs stood regally at the lake’s edge, their verdant green providing the perfect complement to that unforgettable blue.


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