Kondalilla National Park, Sunshine Coast Hinterland, Queensland – Australia

We as humans tend to spend a lot of time and energy trying to control circumstances. We plan and prepare. We create schedules and routines in an attempt to force the universe to generate the circumstances we’d prefer. However, there’s a problem with this type of approach to life. It ensures that we’ll never experience the magic that can only come when we let go and wander.

Tranquility was taken on a balmy autumn day as I meandered through the southern end of Queensland’s Kondalilla National Park. I had made the decision to simply wander off the beaten track, curious and completely open to experiencing a new collection of sights and sounds. I could hear running water in the distance and found myself moving in that direction. This part of the park was so alive. Each color had a heartbeat of its own and the air smelled of moss and rich earth. As I observed the resident wildlife I found there, I felt like I was singing a favorite song that I’d long ago forgotten the music to.


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