Arrowtown, Queenstown Lakes District, Otago – New Zealand

Sometimes the beauty of nature is most apparent when it’s in transition. Take autumn, for instance. It’s arguably the most beautiful of the seasons with its transcendental visual symphony of rich golds, ruddy oranges, and juicy scarlets. The golds are the first to make their appearance and can be among the most magical of these hues. If enough golden leaves fall across a path or a clearing in just the right way at the start of autumn, they can look exactly like flakes of the precious metal itself.

Fool’s Gold was taken in Arrowtown in the Queenstown Lakes District of Otago. The crisp autumn breeze gently ruffled the pristine surface of a perfect creek as it ambled into the distance. The first leaves of that year’s Autumn decorated the ground in shades of gold, russet, and lemon, giving passersby a mere glimpse of the majesty that would be blooming all around them in the months to come. A makeshift bridge someone left behind, connecting the way to town with the walking trails at the base of the nearby mountains, seemed to echo the theme of transition that permeated the very air.


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