Nandroya Falls, Millaa Millaa, Queensland – Australia

Our beautiful world is full of the most wonderful treasures, nestled peacefully and securely in just the right places, waiting for us to stumble upon them one day. When we do, it’s like the whole of reality just opens right up. You feel small, humbled. You’re witnessing something unique, poignant, and impossible to describe that assures you of the existence of magic in this world.

I’d long heard rumors about this very spot at Nandroya Falls and had yet to see it for myself. However, the descriptions I’d heard from others made me salivate at the thought of locating it. Once I got an idea of where it might be, I set out down the narrow path in search of it. After my way was blocked by a fallen tree, I was forced to travel off the beaten trail, each step uncertain. It seemed like the journey would go on forever… and then I arrived. The timeless scene you see here unfolded in front of me. I’ll never forget the spray of the mist, the roar of the falls, or the heady aura of magic that permeated the very air here.


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