Hill Inlet, Whitsundays, Queensland – Australia

A clear day at Whitsundays, Queensland has the power to redefine how you think of color. The azure of the sky, the green velvet of the growing things, the impossible aquamarine of the water – absolutely nothing here is muted or subdued. Every tone is shamelessly bright and deliciously loud. These are the colors of a watercolor palette that belongs to a child who hasn’t yet learned to think in anything other than the juiciest hues.

Velvet Pass was captured on Hill Inlet late in the morning on a bright, beautiful day. The atmosphere was dry and light, so there was no sultriness to the air. The entire view was a symphony of cool, watery shades that healed my soul like sweet medicine. With your face bathed in fresh waterside breezes and a high sky punctuated by the fluffiest white clouds overhead, it’s hard to believe you live in a world where anything ever falls short of perfect.


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