Lake Tekapo, Tekapo, Canterbury – New Zealand

Just when you think you’ve appreciated all of the magic Mother Nature is capable of to the greatest extent possible, she goes on and surprises you all over again. Some sights are just so memorable and so unique, they can’t help but fill a viewer with awe and reverence all over again. This is especially the case when the world is still and clean as it seems when you visit a location like New Zealand’s stunning Lake Tekapo on a bright, beautiful day.

The day this shot was captured, everything seemed so miraculously pure. The impossibly blue sky was gracefully kissed by the softest white clouds. The water was so clear and so still that you could see every stone resting peacefully beneath the surface. The lake looked exactly like a mosaic – a perfect picture puzzle preserved indefinitely beneath a pristinely perfect glaze. Protected. Divine, almost. The snowy mountain peaks and lush forest in the distance slept quietly in the distance, promising more wonders for yet another day.


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