Bridestowe Lavender Estate, Tasmania – Australia

The world is filled with places that are steeped in so much natural beauty that simply observing them makes you feel small and humbled. Lavender fields in bloom are among the most magical of these places. The incredible experience of filling your lungs with fresh, clean air perfumed to perfection with the scent of lavender steadies the spirit. A leisurely walk down pristinely maintained lavender farm rows centers the soul.

Primavera was captured on New Year’s Day during an early bloom at Bridestowe Lavender Estate in Tasmania. Accommodations had been hard to come by, as festival season was in full swing, but camping out in my car instead turned out to be well worth it. It meant I was there at sunrise to capture these stunning fields under perfect conditions. This particular shot captures the graceful curvature of the lavender rows as they sprawl endlessly over the landscape, the dusty purple of the blooms offset perfectly by the rich red of the warm Tasmanian earth.


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