Catseye Beach, Hamilton Island, Queensland – Australia

When you picture a postcard-perfect island paradise, what do you see in your mind’s eye? If you’re like most, you picture swaying clusters of graceful palm trees, powdery white beaches, and pristine cerulean waters, all offset to perfection by balmy breezes. You’d also be quite close to picturing Hamilton Island’s Catseye Beach. To stand on Catseye Beach looking out at the limitless royal blue ocean is truly to wonder if you’re lost in a beautiful dream.

However, there’s more to Catseye Beach than the warm sands and gorgeous white-capped waves you’d expect. Take a look around and you’ll see some peculiarly beautiful sights as well. Sundance was captured during a sunrise trip to Catseye Beach. Although it was wintertime, the balmy tropical climate made anything cold or desolate seem very far away. The sky was dotted with round, feathery, cotton-like clouds. They meandered across the heavens like sheep being called out to pasture with the rising of the sun.

As I watched and waited for the sun to make another grand appearance, I noticed I wasn’t exactly alone. A solitary tree punctuated the surface of the nearby waters, its branches bare and gnarled as they reached toward the clouds overhead. It looked like the kind of tree that knew things – the wisdom of the ages, perhaps, or maybe just a beautiful secret or two. Then a glorious symphony of colors began to light up the sky. Pale watercolor lavenders, buttery yellows, and the finest hint of peach kissed the water, the tree, and the undersides of the clouds.

As the sun rose higher in the sky, Catseye Beach came to stunning life before my very eyes. I watched it all happened in the presence of this one many-armed tree as the sky transitioned to the most beautiful sapphire blue. In the distance, clutches of palm trees reached and bowed, welcoming the day in their own way.


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