The Hazards, Freycinet National Park, Tasmania – Australia

As visual creatures, we tend to think of the things we see with our eyes as absolutes. This is the case in regards to shapes and forms, of course, but also colors. However, the fact of the matter is that a given color looks different when viewed through a different set of eyes. The way one man sees, processes, and recognizes “blue” could have much in common with the way another man sees it or it could be very different. And so it is with emerald and vermillion, lilac and rose.

At times, our own perceptions may change and shift before our very eyes, as it does when we watch a beautiful sunrise or sunset, and we experience a broader taste of what is truly possible visually speaking. This shot was captured at The Hazards in Tasmania’s own Freycinet National Park as the light progressed through its daily change. The absolute truth of the greys, white, mosses, and blues of the day grew soft, hazy, and hypothetical as they gave way to the mercurial pinks and lemons that signal the close of the day.


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