Crawley Edge Boatshed, Swan River, Western Australia – Australia

Although there is certainly a poetry to the world when it’s alive and full of people, there is simply nothing that can possibly compare to that same world when no one else is around. It’s stripped of the extraneous energy and second hand emotion that occurs when you’re lost in a crowd (even if that crowd is small). You’re seeing it raw… bare. It’s an otherworldly experience to say the least.

Now add sunrise to the mix. That’s the time when the earth itself wakes up. Shades of understated grey give way to hues of lilac, violet, and lemon that simply don’t exist later in the day. It’s the visual equivalent of listening to an orchestra tuning up just before the performance of a lifetime.

This shot features the  private Crawley Edge Boatshed along the main river of Perth. (If you’ve visited the area, you may know it well!) At sunrise on this crisp winter morning, it appeared wise… knowing. A lone witness to this beautiful world at this extraordinary time of day, there at the end of that simple, weathered pier.


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